What is Fashion?

Fashion is the aesthetic expression of an individual at a certain time, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, make-up, hairstyle and body proportions. Fashion is an ideal blend of an individual’s lifestyle, utility, and values.

Fashion Designing as career :

Fashion industry employers range from top designers in well-established studios to high street retail outlets and supermarket clothing labels. Some designers work with or under popular fashion designers while others manage their own fashion labels or boutiques. Some designers also work in export houses, manufacturing units, branded fashion showrooms, boutiques, and studios.

About the Course:

The courses in Fashion Designing cover technical aspects of garment designing and offer link with the surrounding fashion industry. The courses are apt for the students who are professionally aware, strongly creative and possess an ability to undertake managerial responsibilities in Design, Production and Selection.

Besides Fashion Designing, the courses emphasize on production, costing, marketing and presentation of garments. The courses are designed to make the students specialize in the study of various international garment markets (Design Wise) viz. UK, France, USA etc., and also domestic market i.e., India.


Under Fashion Designing IIFT Ranchi Center offers the following courses:

  • One year Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Two Years Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing 

Career Options

Fashion Co ordinator

Sampling Co ordinator

Design Co ordinator

Fashion Designer

Freelance Designer

Fashion Consultant

Fashion Choreographer

Cutting Assistant



Faculty in a Fashion institute.


Boutique Business

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